Saturday, July 15, 2006

Calling President Clinton

The last three mornings I have woke and viewed the further escolation of the crisis gripping the Middle East. Each side has dug in and is prepared to take the next step that may lead to an all out war in this modern day powderkeg. War in the Middle East would put United States soldiers in Iraq in the middle of a crisis which has no clear cut end. This situation is so dangerous that we may be witnessing the dawning of World War III.

Throughout the week, I have watched as the Bush Administration, and its incompetent Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice, fumbled the ball on dealing with the situation. The administration appears to be at a loss for plans on how to end this crisis peacefully. It is because of the administration's lack of a foreign policy strategy that I write this blog in hope that someone influential will read it and give my suggestion to the President.

If President Bush wants to be a leader and end the current Middle East crisis, he should put partisianship aside and ask former President Bill Clinton to be a personal envoy to the region in hope of negotiating a peace. President Clinton is the only person in the world who can bring the parties together and hammer out an aggreement. Clinton has the missing link that the Bush Administration lacks, the respect of the world community, and could barter a peace before the situation evolves past the point of no return.

So I say to President Bush, be "a uniter not a divider" and call on President Clinton to help the United States and the world out in this hour of darkness. The history books will write highly of you.


Blogger Steve said...

I dont think the guy has enough sense to stop chewing rolls and do that.

9:33 AM  
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